My first stint with R

Hi everyone!!I would be writing a series of posts regarding data analytics(R to be precise) and its huge scope and applications. This is the first one of the lot which basically describes my journey so far. To all my tech-savvy friends, although you might not find this post much informative, I request you to keep watching this space for a more technical post soon.

It was the month of November,2015 when I finished my corporate training in B.I stream. I was looking forward for a few relaxed days after a hectic schedule when I was informed that I need to report to work the very next day.Being just a new trainee, I was a little nervous which is not very tough to comprehend as I was totally unaware of the “corporate” culture.However, being a computer engineer, I always knew this is what I wanted to do.I had always liked the huge glass buildings, the spacious ODCs and the huff-puff nature of the corporate industry.I and 3 other colleagues were introduced to the project in brief which was based on data analytics. A fancy phrase, isn’t it?I had always heard my lecturers talk about the huge scope of data and business analytics back in college but was never really introduced to it. I was told that I would be working on this tool named “R.” “Well it’s just one letter, so should not be that tough to learn”, I thought to myself, clearly showing the immaturity a fresher is associated with.

I was told that I could utilise all the help I could get from probably the greatest invention of this century-GOOGLE. So I started working towards the task at hand diligently, understanding the intricacies of this tool and identifying its scope.In layman terms, R is basically a programming language as well as a place(an environment per se) which is used by analysts and statisticians to solve complex problems.I initially started with the basics such as writing small scripts, understanding the program flow and making sense of what was going on. Then I moved onto what can be called as “greener pastures” such as text mining,web scraping and other applications.During the course, I even gave a presentation on “Text mining using R” which was duly appreciated by all.My team would be giving a detailed webinar soon on whatever we have worked on so far.

There was a nation-wide coding event conducted by the organization called “Hackathon” which was basically a coding marathon event. Not only we obtained the top spot in Bangalore region in the first round, we went on to secure second spot nation-wide in the ultimate round.Overall, it was a great learning event as it involved teams from multiple domains showing their competency.And yeah,the best positive being the reward points which I meticulously redeemed for goodies.

It has been a good few weeks of learning a few hot topics in the corporate industry as well as the whole experience of being in an IT company.I wish to continue building my knowledge base and keep exploring.


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