How POC Farm is making a difference !!

What is POC Farm?

“POC Farm”, this is what we call it. As a farm is an area of land which is devoted primarily to agricultural processes with the primary objective of producing crops, so is our “POC Farm”. The Proof of Concept Farm is a lab which is dedicated primarily to develop a technical sound resource pool in the cutting edge technologies with the primary objective to provide technical thought leadership by developing POCs for the existing accounts in our organization. 

Who are we?

This farm is the brain child of our IBG Head and is ran by a team of 15+ passionate software engineers, from day-to-day operations to learn and recreate the next-generation technologies that will handle the load required by the massive growth of our organization. We are working in a very fast-paced release cycle and are adding new capabilities weekly and even daily. 

What we do?

At POC Farm, we devote ourselves in the research and development in the three major domains: Analytics and Visualization Tools, Big Data and DevOps. Presently, under Analytics and Visualization Tools, we are looking on Language R. Under Big Data we are working on Hadoop and its ecosystems. Docker and its components are being considered under DevOps domain.

How we do?

The POC Farm Lab is a state-of-the-art in itself. Here we follow the self-learning process through external sources like internet and tutorials. We share our knowledge by conducting webinars across our organization, publish whitepapers, give presentations at various platforms and this in turn improves our communication skills. We have frequent customer visits (Organization Leaders and clients) wherein we show the live demos to demonstrate our learning.

What more we do?

To showcase our work and research at a higher level, we participate in technical events which are organized our organization. Hackathon, Solution Scape, MIA 15, Couch Innovation are the few prominent events which we participated in. The POC Farm enthusiastically follows the Fun at Work policy. We participated in various activities and events like Rangoli Competition, Cubicle Decoration for Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

Accomplishments so far!!

Across all the locations of our organization, the team from POC Farm was the runner up for Hackathon 2016. Also, in the Couch Innovation Contest, one of the innovative ideas from POC Farm was shortlisted under Top 10 ideas.  

POC Farm in a nutshell

Technology is constantly changing, customer needs are shifting, and roadblocks are always popping up. To level up these roadblocks, we at POC Farm approach to the customer problems by providing them the trending and durable technological solutions. 


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